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Jasper Gaskets is No.1 in manufacturing and supplying Ring Joint Gaskets, Spiral Wound Gaskets For (Oil & Gas, Marine Offshore, Subsea, Valves, Flanges, Heavy Vessels, Boilers, High Pressure Pipelines). We assure the best in Quality and Price around the globe..

Certificates & Testimonials

Each and every Jasper Gaskets & Power Projects Pvt. Ltd.., products are designed and manufactured to conform the recognized standards of the Petroleum Industry such as ASME, API, DIN, BS or IS. All Castings and Forgings are checked by means of chemical analysis and mechanical tests to guarantee that all raw-materials conform to specifications such as those of the ASTM. 100% radiography on castings and ultrasonic test on forgings are carried out against specific requirements. Judicious designing, rigid quality control by meticulous checking of every individual part at different stages of production and pressure testing at pressure prescribed by the respective standard have made JASPER Gaskets a product of International Standards. In fact, Jasper Gaskets & Power Projects Pvt. Ltd.., has become a synonym for reliable and dependable Gaskets for required high/low pressure area, high/low temperature and for highly corrosive fluids.